Rugby World Cup 2011

While the Kiwis are gearing up for the much-anticipated Rugby World Cup 2011, the rugby fever in Fiji for the World Cup is equally festive and addictive. There seems to be talk of the big event in the Pacific in all shops, homes, playgrounds etc. (I have returned to the UAE with two official World Cup Rugby balls courtesy of Nadi’s Courts Mega Store who felt my reward for spending over FJD6,000/- for furniture with them entitled me to get nothing but the best I could take from Fiji). Naturally that meant something associated to rugby, the sea or crafts so here I am with two rugby balls I am meant to take to the World Cup for autographs from muscular, hunky, gorgeous, half naked men running around the field battling to get a trophy for their high levels of testosterones.

Mind you, in another context, going up to get an autograph from a hunky obliging dude would be absolutely fantastic but nothing would make me battle the crowds in a World Cup to do this. Afterall, I am on first name basis with rugby legend, Waisale Serevi – what more could a woman want in life???

Punters estimate that there would be about 4 million people venturing into New Zealand for the Rugby world Cup 2011. But from what I hear, this is not necessarily the only attraction our gorgeous Pacific Island has to offer. Alongside the World Cup will be another festival running from Sept 9 to Oct 23 bringing together a host of arts, culture, cuisine, history etc throughout the country.

Visitors will definitely be enthralled with the rich Maori culture, which is very similar to Fijian culture as well as the country’s sophisticated cuisine, wine and arts shows. My fondest memories of New Zealand is about yummy milk, chocolates, corned mutton (Best in the world) and their craft made from wood. One of my favourite pieces at home is a beautiful wooden tabletop oval clock from New Zealand that would always remain timeless no matter where I live and what deco I have in my house.

In Fiji, people are already talking about the World Cup with as much enthusiasm and vigour as they would about their annual festivals like the Hibiscus, sugar or Bula festivals where everyone gathers to have a good time.

Me, I will have my official World Cup rugby balls pumped up and ready for rugby players I deem worth my charming while perhaps at Dubai 7s. Afterall, this diva will not just settle for anyone who has got into the world cup – only ones who come close to the benchmark set by the likes of Serevi!

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