Diwali sweets at Peppermill

IMG_4399 Diwali sweets at Peppermill

The best thing I remember about Diwali from my childhood in Fiji Islands was the amazing array of sweets my fathers clients used to send home and the numerous parties we went to. Since living in Kuala Lumpur and UAE, Diwali certainly was a toned down affair until I discovered the absolutely delightful diwali sweets at Peppermill Restaurant – they have branches both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Leading up to the Indian festival of lights, Diwali, the fine dining Peppermill Restaurant has lined up a feast of Indian favourites that includes a flavorful array of appetizers, curries, cold dishes and desserts, meticulously put together for the festive celebrations….every time I walk in the Dubai outlet, I feel like I am entering a maharaja’s palace dining area…or on an evening I feel like the burlesque setting will have some exotic entertainment erupting any moment…it is warm and inviting.

Diwali offers Indian food lovers an opportunity to indulge in the diverse cuisines from the subcontinent in a rich and elegant setting that enhances the dining experience. The space at PepperMill offers a warm ambience for intimate gatherings that offer privacy and a vibrant feel with the clever use of colours and light background music.

Shafeena YusuffAli, the young entrepreneur who is the CEO of Tablez Food Company tells us that Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, celebrated by families enjoying Indian delicacies and performing traditional activities together. Peppermill is therefore committed to providing fresh, delicious and healthy food locally that is popular during the Diwali celebrations in India for an enhanced festive experience.

Diwali specials at Peppermill can be enjoyed in private dining rooms at lunch buffets and à la cart dinners inspired by the rich traditions of the past and the flavours of the present.

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