5 Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite


Step-By-Step Guides From Institut Arnaud Experts


Over the last few months, I have had the luxury of spending a lot of time with the local brand guardians of Institut Arnaud and their team. For years, the Institut Arnaud’s scientific research team has traveled near and far to find a solution to fight cellulite. Today, they are sharing some of their secrets and tips to get rid of cellulite, backed by clinically proven results.

Know Your Enemy First

To put it simply, cellulite is nothing more than fat under the skin. These fat cells break free and expand, pushing against tissue – that causes the ‘cottage cheese’ look of your skin. Whenever this starts happening, it becomes a vicious cycle, as the new fat cells induce greater estrogen level, breaking down collagen, which keeps your skin smooth and elastic.

The Good News

Do you work out several times a week, and watch what you eat, but you still can’t seem to get rid of your cellulite? Don’t give up just yet! The damage is reversible. With the tips below, you’ll sure find a few things you haven’t done yet.

  • Be One Step Ahead

Prevention is key. Stopping the vicious cycle is winning half the battle. This is all possible by leading a healthy lifestyle. Cellulite is the result of excessive fat in the body, and its process breaks down collagen, leaving the skin less elastic and prone to damage. This can happen even when you’re lean – remember it’s not your weight; it’s the fat to muscle ratio, which you can work on by getting fit.

  • Eat Right

Almost everyone has cellulite. Study shows it affects 9 out of 10 women, both lean and overweight. A healthy diet that is regular and balanced, with lots of fruits and vegetables, very little red meat, and limited salt intake will make a difference to your health overall, and a lot of visible difference on your fight to banish cellulite. Stay clear of all foods that can cause water retention, and goes without saying, avoid anything with saturated and trans fat.

TIP: Avoid yo-yo dieting and quick weight loss. This causes you to lose muscle tissue, which will make your cellulite more obvious.

  • Drink Water – lots of it!

The simplest step, and the most ignored, is to drink a lot of water. Doctors recommend 8 glasses a day, but drinking a bit more is even better to flush out toxins and other wastes from the body. Aim for 3 liters a day. Lots of women could have cellulite due to bad hydration. And really, there’s no excuse why you’re not drinking enough.

  • Exercise Smart

You don’t need to live in a gym to get rid of your cellulite. Scientific research has found that different forms of exercise can be more effective even in much shorter duration than others. Doing a 20-minute strength exercise 3-times a week, is a great start. Combine that with a 15-minute cardio and a healthy diet, and voila! You’ll see noticeable results in no time!

20 Minute Anti-Cellulite Exercise Guide

Follow these steps for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, and watch your skin transform.

Step 1: Fun Cardio (10 minutes)

Choose your favourite cardio exercise, from walking to dancing, the options are endless. Warming up for 2 minutes, working your way up to a vigorous intensity for 8 minutes where you are breathing hard but you are still able to talk in short sentences. Remember to cool down before stopping.

Step 2: Strength (10 minutes – approx)

Build muscle in your problem areas by targeting them with one set of strength exercises of 15 repetitions of each. Use a weight enough to fatigue the muscles, which is essential to build muscles in the area and lose the fat. Your muscles are fatigued when you feel as though you can’t do even one more repetition. When you can easily complete 15 reps, increase the weight slightly. Work slowly, counting 2 seconds to lift and 4 seconds to lower.

Step 3: Stretch

You need to stretch each muscle you worked in the strength exercises. You can do each stretch once, holding for 15-20 seconds. Stretching can prevent injury and boost strength training results by 20% (Westcott).

  • A Beauty Ritual is a Must!

Forget the day-to-day stress with a daily beauty ritual at home. Banish cellulite and relax all at the same time! Honestly, the relaxing part is reason enough, but the Institut Arnaud Expert Corps Range with a unique active ingredient (Mateine complex) can give you a push to see better results in less time with scientifically proven results.

10-Minute Beauty Ritual Guide

Follow this 4-step, 10-minute daily beauty ritual with Institut Arnaud Body Expert Range and enjoy noticeable results in weeks:

STEP 1: Start with the Absolute Scrub to prepare your skin for treatment and allowing it to be more effective. You can do this at the end of your shower. (2 minutes)

STEP 2: Move to Body Expert’s Cellufight gel with a high concentration of unique active ingredients (15% concentration of exclusive Mateine complex). Massage your trouble areas. (4 minutes)

STEP 3: Follow it up with the Leg Refiner, for sculpted attractive legs. The active ingredient in the Leg Refiner has scenically proven fat-burning and sculpting powers for soft and re-energized legs. (2 minutes)

STEP 4: Finally, the cherry on top. Pamper yourself with the Replenishing Balm for in-depth moisturizing. Keep the balm in the refrigerator for an extra-intense refreshing feel (2 minutes)

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