Created by New York creative agency, Laird + Partners, Swarovski continues to evolve its Be Brilliant campaign with the Spring/Summer 2017 season. Photographed by Craig McDean and starring Swarovski brand ambassador, Karlie Kloss, the campaign continues explore the world of Swarovski. Beneath Be Brilliant, lives an extension of the campaign—Give Brilliant; a celebration of the spirit of giving.

This season, Be Brilliant further captures Karlie’s personality and celebrates how the collection inspires the brilliance in each and everyone. With her spontaneous, carefree attitude, she perfectly embodies the daring and irresistible spirit of Swarovski.


Trey Laird, Founder of Laird + Partners, explains: “The campaign explores the brilliance of Swarovski, and how it can illuminate a woman’s true radiance, as personified through Karlie. She is portrayed connecting with her friends, her love and her family. This campaign celebrates the beauty of a spontaneous, daring personality, and reinforces that Swarovski helps to express your true self.” 

Shot in London, Karlie offers a glimpse into the bold, unexpected possibilities that await with Swarovski. For Spring and Summer, Karlie and her friends, Martha Hunt and Shu Pei, have unexpected sparkling adventures on Swarovski crystal accented bikes in a park. GALLERY_RING_SET_

The luminous and versatile beauty of the collection is displayed in all its many facets through these moments.

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