Mint Velvet WeAreWomen inspires one and all

Guests at MV
On March 28th Mint Velvet Dubai Mall held a first-ever event of its kind with a high profile panel who spoke about the trials and tribulations of a modern women while celebrating the multi-faceted role played by women all over the world. The panelists included a diverse set of women representing different genres who engaged with the audience. The panelists included Saher Shaikh, Founder and Director, Adopt-A-Camp Foundation, Clair Hattle, Chairperson British Business Group, Justine Dampt, Business Owner – Encas and Amal Tayssir, Image Consultant and Motivational Speaker.
Clair, Justine, Emma, Saher, Amal, Graziella
Inspiring topics such as what happiness means for each of them to giving back to the society, to each panelist talking about their personal challenges to emotion versus logic – the ambience was full of energy and motivation. This unique platform gave everyone an opportunity to connect with each other while making it an amazing an informal learning experience for all women.

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