Brunch at Doner Deli

Guest Blogger, Vernalyn Muerong

Weekends are great for trying out new cuisine so after catching up on my grocery shopping at Lulu Barsha last week, I went to Doner Deli across the road for an authentic Doner kebab.

Made with fresh and natural ingredients, the doner sliders and kebab sandwhiches were my favourite while finishing up the meal with a tray of mini brownies just hit the spot.

For the meal we had potato salad as our side dish and a pack of fries teamed up with delicious doner meat. All the dishes were amazing and the taste was enhanced definitely by the sauces that were served with the dishes.

For drinks I tried the Strawberry and mango fusion – a good choice as it was perfect to cleanse the palette while trying out the different dishes.

All in all….a great place to visit. Not too expensive for a really tasty and wholesome meal.

Doner Deli is in Dubai in 4 locations and in two branches Abu Dhabi including the Khalidiyah Mall.

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