Experiencing Bedashing Beauty Lounge


By Shereen Shabnam

One of the latest venues in City Walk is Bedashing [beh-dash-ing] Beauty Lounge, which is a modern, trendsetting beauty factory esteemed for its extensive treatment menu, highly trained staff and its focus on delivering fast and fabulous service with its revolutionary all-in-one Bedashing Chair.

Bedashing Beauty Lounge has become a trusted destination for the region’s busy beauty aficionados thanks to its prompt pampering. I went recently to check out the Bedashing Chair which was conceptualised and designed by the CEO of Bedashing Beauty Lounge, Noor Al Tamimi, as she wanted to offer clients the most efficient beauty services in the region.

After travelling the world to find a product like what she had in mind, Noor found no such item. She then approached one of the world’s leading hair salon furniture manufacturers with the idea, only to be told it was impossible. Undeterred, she continued to develop the idea with a group of designers and the Bedashing Chair was born.

The Bedashing Chair, made from leather for the most comfortable experience, allows clients to receive multiple services simultaneously in the one seat, with no need to move. This includes hair wash, blowdry, manicure and pedicure, facials, threading, eyelash extensions and more. The multi-function chair houses a nail basin in the arms, a pedicure basin and footrest in the undercarriage and reclines for hair and face treatments.


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