Rasasi’s Oriental Bouquets Celebrate the Spirit of Ramadan

Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading perfume names in the Middle East, has revealed its array of oriental bouquets launched in celebration of Ramadan.  These new sprays, luxurious oils and incense products complement an already popular product range across various price points, offering something for everybody.

A Rasasi spokesperson, said: “Ramadan is a special time for people in the UAE. The use of perfumes significantly shifts towards more natural scents and the ever popular home incense is used to scent homes and majalis’ as a mark of warm Arabic hospitality. Rasasi has specially curated a wide variety of oriental natural fragrances that bring together a bouquet of natural essences and that are appealing to both men and women.  Oriental classics, modern essences and scents that smell vintage chic are all a part of Rasasi’s extensive Ramadan collection.

Oud is extensively burnt as incense during Ramadan to welcome and honour guests and Rasasi’s agarwood range adds long-lasting lingering fragrant warmth to the festive atmosphere of family and friends getting together. Customers can sample rare luxurious and popular collections across the UAE, which have been curated by in-house scent developers to create wonderful perfume blends bursting with affection, vitality, and unparalleled elegance.

Commenting on the unique art of layering Rasasi perfumes, the spokesperson added: “The understanding of perfume and its use is highly evolved and very unique to Arabic culture. A significant number of perfume lovers create their own fragrances through blending, and in this respect our Oud collection of sprays and concentrated oils are in high demand, due to their unmatchable high quality which allows our more creative customers to blend them in order to create their very own unique, signature perfume. Our Mukhalat and Dhan Al Oud range is in line with our deep understanding of the regional culture and perfumery traditions.”

From the trendy to the sophisticated, the array of finished sprays launched in the spirit of Ramadan will be sure to ignite the senses. While the young and spirited can enjoy a splash of freshness with perfumes that celebrate modernity, freedom, self-expression and fashion, the sophisticated can explore the world of fine precious aromas that cater to refined sensibilities of those who love the art of perfumery and value quality, elegance, class and purity.

As a pioneer of the modern retail perfume industry in the Middle East, Rasasi draws inspiration from the heritage of the region’s perfume artistry and its rich culture and tradition, dedicating itself to creating authentic notes and unique blends.

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