Art Perspective opens at Al Habtoor Palace

New season of Art Perspective Exhibition to launch at Habtoor Palace, LXR Hotels & Resorts

“For an added value experience at Le Patio, we want to offer our guests a window into the world of Art presented in a modern and versatile manner with a careful selection of artists. The hotel has always been dedicated to support emerging talent and we hope the new collection will leave viewers in awe as they discover each masterpiece in a venue that is for art and culture events,” said Abdelhadi Laabi, Director of Marketing at Habtoor Palace, LXR Hotels & Resorts. 

A graduate in spatial design from university of art and Design Olivier de Serres in Paris, Karine lives and works in the UAE and her art has been showcased in museums and galleries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia and are in private, corporate and municipal collections.

The exhibition will also showcase the work of artist Annabelle Smith Bigno from France and UK who is fascinated with how each subject fuses and connects into its surroundings. Pigments flow, diffuse and merge together over threads and a multitude of textures. This technique is then used to enhance and personalise her inspiration, which is often drawn from local themes. The result shows subject, composition and colour strike their own unique balance on canvas.

Annabelle has lived, painted and exhibited work in Oman, Venezuela, France, the US and the UAE from 2001 to 2018. In her art she likes to play with that fine line between abstract and figurative and her art is inspired by the interconnection of subjects with surrounding energy and flow – a place beyond the world of noisy human thought.

Annabelleuses fibers, collage and modeling paste to capture and re-diffuse the flow of pigment and water, which is often sprayed on or applied with a large brush. Acrylics, watercolour or vivid inks combine with rice paper and organic threads to create a magical process of fluids, textures and subtly graded hues on canvas or paper.

Artist Leila Barakat Mukhaimer will also be exhibiting hercurrent collection, which is inspired by life and natural phenomena. The theme of her artwork is a journey through the abstractionism in nature. A dive into the radiance, color, and magnitude of what is around us.

From one piece to the next, a viewer is able to experience bursts of imagination that are all linked and inspired by the beauty and splendor of nature. Leila studied at the American University of Beirut and her love of art, drawing and painting started at a very young age.

For diversity, the exhibition will also be hosting Sculptor Anne Bester, a South African born artist who has adopted New Zealand as home country.  Anneke honed her sculpting skill while working as sculptor and props sculptor on Movies including “The Hobbit”, Narnia’s “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and many more.

Her one off delicately cast bronze sculptures seems to defy gravity.  Anneke is exploring her African roots with thin tall figures. She celebrates the human form in highly expressive poses telling the story of each piece with strong movement.

The cloaked figures speak of her experiences living in the Middle East exploring the perception of others as well as herself when it comes to being covered up. The fabric that cover these pieces in some instances become the structure to keep these figures up, becoming what they lean on their grounding.

A brainchild of Sulty events and the late Regina Sio, Art Perspective celebrates the work of established and new artists. The art selected in this initiative are ideal as masterpieces in art galleries and private Collectors residences.

Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Business leaders and media attend the opening night and visit the exhibition during the two months of display.

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