Have your child paint their way into a family vacation


How does a free trip for the whole family to Sochi sound? Well that can easily happen with WOW Sochi’s ongoing competition. Now, your child can land an unforgettable trip for the whole family to the jewel of the black sea, including flights, accommodation with breakfast, airport transfers, and access to Sochi amusement Park!

Sochi is one of the most gorgeous coastal cities, hence the name, The Jewel of the Black sea. Sochi shines in the area of family activities; it has recently become the destination for family vacations away from the Dubai summer heat, where the Sochi summer is a very comfortable and cool 26 degrees Celsius

Making it happen is easy, have your child draw their idea of a perfect family holiday in Sochi, upload the masterpiece to either Facebook or Instagram, tag WOW Sochi’s handles listed below, and fill out a simple online form. Then all you need to do is wait for the announcement!

The deadline to submit your child’s artwork is 14th of August, and the winner announcement will happen the next day. Every child can participate with one submission, so go out and get your children an art set and have them paint your dream holiday for you!

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