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Life is hectic, no time to waste; between your busy schedule and harsh cleansing, it’s no wonder your skin is stressed, depleted and dull. When life just keeps getting faster, and you’ve not got a second to spare, skip the lengthy pamper session – now you can get refreshed, hydrated, glowing skin when you simply take a moment to Stop & Glow.

Delicious textures, an easy routine and instant gratification. Infused with Lancôme’s rose water renowned for its soothing properties, new Rose Milk Mist and Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask join the “Glow Essentials” family alongside Tonique Confort and Hydra Zen Cream-Gel, for a glow that’s always on call.

Cheat time, indulge your skin – it’s time to Stop & Glow.

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As hydrating as a cream, as light as a cloud; new Rose Milk Mist is a breakthrough on-the-go hydrating solution infused with hyaluronic acid and rose water, for busy, dehydrated skin.

Floating weightlessly onto skin, the nutrient-rich milky emulsion transforms itself into a delicate cloud that captures a luxurious moment in time and quenches skin from the first second.

No time to wait? It’s instant moisture on-the-glow thanks to hero ingredients: hyaluronic acid captures hydration into the skin; combined with soothing properties of Lancôme’s rose water, and acacia honey and sweet almond oil, known to be nourishing and comforting. With this delicious recipe, the new Rose Milk Mist leaves dull or dry skin instantly soothed, refreshed, hydrated and glowing.

From the moment you wake up to your post-workout routine; from your desk to late night party, new Rose Milk Mist is your skin’s guardian angel, keeping it hydrating and glowing – here, there – and wherever you go.


Shake and prime the pump before each use, pressing firmly, 8 inches away from the face. New Rose Milk Mist can be used one of two ways: apply it directly to the skin – or create a quenching cloud in front of your face and step into the mist.

No need to rub; the refreshing formula absorbs in a flash when used alone as a hydration boost throughout the day. Apply it as a toner before makeup; use it as setting spray – or mist it over makeup to refresh it with a dewy glow.

Instantly re-hydrated, as if a cream has been applied, skin is refreshed, soothed, illuminated and comfortable when you Stop & Glow.

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In a hurry, skin depleted; long working days, sleepless nights and urban life in a polluted city – your skin needs to reset, rewind and re-boot to restore its flawless canvas. The solution is new Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask. Simply smooth it on – see rapid results. This skin perfector and glow booster is your new ally to get tighter pores, smoother feel and a unique cooling sensation.

The unique cryo-mask contains salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of pores and smooth the skin’s texture, combined with Lancôme’s rose water also known for its soothing properties; while meadowsweet extract helps refine and provide an astringent effect. Like pink sorbet, in a light, irresistible texture, it delivers an intense cooling sensation, to instantly revitalize, smooth and illuminate tired, dull skin.


Gently pat a generous layer of Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask onto cleansed skin – no rubbing or massage necessary. Rinse with lukewarm water just five minutes later, and repeat twice a week.

Instant freshness – no matter how frenetic your life; from the very first touch, skin is cooled, more radiant and softer, with a smoother texture. One week later, after two applications, skin is visibly transformed; pores are minimized, skin texture is refined and purified. Day after day, skin just gets more and more beautiful – illuminated with a rosy glow.



Take a break from life for some self-skincare – and feel the benefits all day. When life gets crazy, give your skin some timeout with the Glow Essentials:

  1. Apply Tonique Confort to turn off tightness and get instant comfort.

Our iconic “Pink lotion” enriched with acacia honey and sweet almond oil is the perfect answer to dry, dull skin. Immediately skin is moisturised and soothed by its comforting and hydrating silky-soft texture then left with a fresh, clean sensation when applied using your hands or cotton pads.

  1. Follow with Hydra Zen Cream-Gel to deliver 24-hour oil-free fresh hydration.
  2. Apply a cloud of new Rose Milk Mist to instantly hydrate, refresh and illuminate skin on-the-go.
  3. New Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask completes the routine and tightens pores, refining, smoothing, plumping and cooling the skin with every application, when used twice a week.



Always busy, on-the-go; actress, model and Lancôme ambassador Taylor Hill, needs to look her best on demand. Now, she can simply Stop & Glow. From gym to party, to taxi drive home, Taylor reveals how she relies on the Glow Essentials to complete her Stop & Glow routine in four vlogs about her daily life. Get instant soothing, tighter pores and a glow that’s available 24/7. Follow Taylor on her route to always-on radiance – then find your own Stop & Glow moments.


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