Its time to replace your detergent laden shampoo with Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk

Sulphate, is one ingredient that is commonly used in detergents, dish washing liquids and our shampoos too. Yes, that’s right, this hair and scalp drying ingredient is used in most available shampoos to give you a good lather and that squeaky clean feel which actually damages your hair in the long run. Therefore, take utmost care while picking your shampoo.  

Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk is a special sulphate free formula that is gentle on hair and is enriched with milk proteins that makes the hair healthy and strong. 

Its time to replace your detergent laden shampoos today with the no sulphate Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk which comes in 3 variants to address your hair requirements.

Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk products are available at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in UAE. 

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