Summertime Essentials for Kids

Summer is here and it looks like it is going to be staying for quite some time. With schools about to close for the semester, children are gearing up for the holidays to be spent out and about exploring. As the days get hotter, make sure to keep your children cool and energised with these nifty essentials from Simply Kitchen.

Summer holidays are incomplete without a trip to the playground or a beach outing. Before you leave, prepare the perfect smoothie using the recipe from Luminarc Smoothie Recipes Glasses and blend them for a smooth and creamy consistency with a Nutribullet. These delicious and easy to make recipes are sure to get your children excited and are healthy substitutes for fizzy drinks.

Hydration is the ‘it’ word for the summer and for good reason as the temperatures begin to soar. Stay hydrated throughout the day using Hexagonal Lid Water Bottle from Ted Baker. Sometimes kids might be hesitant to drink a lot of water due to its tastelessness. Flavour the water by adding slices of orange, lime, or lemon or sprigs of mint and mix them in a BlendJet for a uniform consistency. The portability of the BlendJet helps you craft these refreshing blends wherever you are. If you are afraid that the drinks might get heated during your trip, have no fear. Carry your concoctions in the trusty Polarbox, for keeping them chilled throughout the day. The retro vibe of the Polarbox is both stylish and functional, making it the perfect accessory for your Instagram pics!

With the drinks, all set, make sure to carry delicious sandwiches for a light snack. Why not try some toasted tortilla sandwiches with chicken? Use the Olivilla pan from ILLA Collection for frying the filling to perfection. Add the filling to the tortillas and toast them in the same pan for additional flavour. A mouth watering recipe that is light on the stomach and perfect for a day out! Pack the sandwiches in colourful and funny Lunch Boxes from Simply Kitchen and serve them on quirky Melamine Trays for your kids. The cheerful design along with the added humour is sure to pique your child’s interest.

Keep your kids happy and entertained using the stunning products from Simply Kitchen. Afterall, summer holidays will never be complete without having fun in the sun.

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