Himalaya introduces all-new ultra-soft Cotton Face Sheet Masks to pamper your skin like a pro!

Four variants of herbal ingredients infused in 100% cotton and biodegradable masks, promise to detox, cleanse and restore skin from within.

Complement your beauty indulgence with invigorating skin essentials as Himalaya, herbal experts in beauty care, unveils an exotic range of face sheet masks for salon-like pampering at home.  Infused with herbal actives they offer a clean and pure skincare routine to elevate your self-care experience.

Pollutants, sun exposure, stress, and lack of sleep are no longer the beauty spoilers to fret about with the new Himalaya Cotton Face Sheet Masks. Thoughtfully curated to amplify your self-care beauty sessions, four new variants offer completely natural solutions to restore skin health from within. Whether it’s the Youthful Radiance (Edelweiss & Pomegranate) that aids visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, Purifying Neem (Neem & Tea Tree) to clarify and keep the skin pure, Detoxifying (Charcoal & Green Tea) that aids deep cleansing by removing excess oil and dirt from pores, or Natural Glow (Saffron & Vitamin C) for bright and enhanced skin complexion; you will find only naturally infused solutions for desirable facial skincare routine.

A superlative blend of Himalaya’s rich experience in herbal ingredients for skincare and modern lifestyle needs; the new range in face sheet masks is an instant solution for intense hydration. The masks wrap perfectly around the face like a second skin to let the face absorb the goodness and efficacy of herbal actives. The Natural Hyaluronic acid in the Sheet Masks intensely hydrates skin making it soft and refreshed.

 Made of ultra-soft, biodegradable and 100% cotton fabric, the face sheet masks also ensure an environmentally-conscious skincare regime to lead the way for beauty that truly cares.

Let the herbal actives do all the good work while you unwind and relax in your beauty indulgence and self-care routine. Here’s how to use it:-

Step 1: After cleansing the face, unfold the mask & evenly apply it over the entire face.

Step 2: Adjust the mask to the contours of your face. Keep it on for 15 minutes and allow it to rest.

Step 3: Remove the mask and massage gently to allow the formula to be absorbed. Wipe with a cotton pad.

Do not wash your face after removing the mask and discard the mask after a single use.

The attractive looking packaging has also been awarded at the ‘A’ Design Awards & Competition – the world’s largest and most influential design awards held in Italy, recently.

Convenient, soothing, free of harmful chemicals and prepped to give your skin that glow au naturel; try Himalaya face sheet masks for revitalized and healthy skin. Available across all major supermarkets and hypermarkets, the new range is priced at AED 10.50 only.

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