Know your skin – The difference between skin type and skin condition

The internet can be quite confusing when it comes to skincare, so if you often find yourself getting confused with the lingo, you’re in good company. Starting from the basics on the difference between your skin type and skin condition? Often used interchangeably, the two terms are actually more different than one would guess. That being said, skincare brand Peacefull has done the research so you don’t have to and are here to make your life easier.

When talking about skin type, this refers to how you would describe your skin, ranging from oily to dry, normal, or even combination. It is very important to understand your skin type to better select products to help build a more effective routine and yield the best results for your skin. To put it in easier terms, understanding your skin type lays the foundation for putting together the best skin routine.

On the other hand, skin condition is used to describe any issues affecting your skin; such as having sensitive skin, acne, vitiligo, and sun damage, to name a few, and would usually be diagnosed by a medical professional. And having a skin condition can affect the products you can and can’t use.  

Since both, your skin type and your skin condition play an equally important role when building a skincare routine, it can pose quite a challenge when selecting products. This is where brands such as Peacefull are changing the game! With a range of products which include expertly sourced ingredients such as Cica (known as the wound healer) and sodium hyaluronate, combined with science-backed formulations, to create a brand that is for everyone. No matter your skin type or skin condition, these products are sure to get you the best results for your skin.

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