The first female voice in over 250 years of Al Azi

Yesterday we witnessed a phenomenal achievement as the first Emirati woman in over 250 years paid tribute to the traditional poetry recital ‘Al Azi’, for Emirate Women’s Day, arranged by Emirates NBD.

Al Azi poetry has been passed down from father to son for hundreds of years and consists of rhymed verses in the style of traditional Arabic poetry and is performed by a group of men.

Al-Azi performances have strengthened communal bonds and served as an important means of passing down traditions, knowledge, and the Bedouin way of relating to nature.

The poem by Alhanouf Mohammed gives a powerful tribute to the women of the UAE, their incomparable achievements, and their inspiring spirit. Her poem is inspired by the Al Azi 250-year-old tradition but is also something completely new while remaining rooted in UAE’s heritage and culture.

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