The hydrating, multivitamin, moisturizing sanitizer is now available

Hand & Hand is proud to present a home-grown line of sanitizers surpassing what the public demands of hand care. The all-in-one organic, multivitamin (A, B5, E and F), moisturizing sanitizers are crafted for the most discerning users.

Hands deserve to be cared for and treated tenderly, and the mass-produced sanitizers on the market do little in that regard. Premium organic extracts, aloe vera gel and essential vitamins are the key components of Hand & Hand’s range, presenting customers with elite products without a premium price tag.

Commenting on the launch, Ahmad Itani, Founder and Chief Hygiene officer, said: “Hand & Hand was carefully concocted to offer an alternative to the cookie-cutter sanitizers that flood the market. Working closely with a team of impassioned experts in the hygiene field for over two years, we set out to create the world’s best sanitizer. I believe we did just that, infusing each of our products with well-considered ingredients to match the needs of every discerning customer. I’m grateful to Dubai and the UAE’s wise leaders who have nurtured an entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives us to innovate and realize our guided aspirations.”

A portion of the proceeds from each Hand & Hand purchase will be donated to the brand’s official charity partner, Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives. The UAE-based global philanthropic organization works towards providing easy access to quality education to youth in developing countries and has empowered the lives of over 21 million individuals in 60 developing countries to date.

Hand & Hand sanitizers come with one of four unique anti-bacterial extracts — eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, and patchouli — and are available in travel-friendly bottles and pump bottles: 60 ml and 400 ml gels, 100ml spray. Hand & Hand also produces the region’s only moisturizing disinfecting cream (80 ml). To experience the luxury of Hand & Hand and feel the difference, order yours now from https://www.handandhand.me/

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