Rise of Veganism and why it’s the way forward

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If you browse health related websites and social media pages on a regular basis – chances are, you have stumbled upon a post or two about the rise of Veganism. While some might argue that celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Olivia Wilde might have influenced this generation to adopt Veganism just like fashion and beauty trends – many individuals pursue Veganism to claim the benefits that come with this healthy lifestyle, to stand against animal cruelty around the world and guarantee a sustainable source of food.

This plant-based diet has been proven to boost energy, provide younger looking skin and reduce the chances of life threatening issues like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Luckily, vegan food options have become increasingly accessible at restaurants, supermarkets and food outlets – providing nothing but healthy alternatives to animal products.

ENCAS offers a wide range of gourmet and vegan friendly products prepared from all natural ingredients without compromising on the taste. The Carré raw bites are made of a biscuit base, delicious fillings and a chocolate top. The bites are free from gluten, dairy, grains, preservatives and refined sugar, and the preparation method is limited to preserve the nutritional value and quality of ingredients.

The Carrés are available in four different flavour variants and three different sizes. The sophisticated Carré boxes were named after major cities around the world to give the sweet escape that one deserves at any time of the day. The New York-New York!. Beautiful Istanbul, Stop to Zanzibar and Magical Bali include 4 mini bites with various flavours to match all tastes. While the Dubai With Love box includes an assortment of 12 or 36 mini Carrés. Not to mention the new range of delicious spreads, ideal for adding that sweet indulgence to your yogurt/oatmeal based breakfast or to your mid- afternoon snack.

To order these delicious delicacies from ENCAS, please visit http://www.encas.me for a list of stockists or you can order directly from the website. www.encas.me

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